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Black Myths Podcast

Debunking the bs said about Black People. Host - Too Black. Co-hosts - Shelle, Terrell, Kam, and Ryan.


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Myth: Prison is Built For Profit - Black Myths Podcast

Myth: Prison is Built For Profit - Black Myths Podcast

In this episode, we examine the myth that prison is built for profit. That is, the myth that mass incarceration is driven by private profit above all else. Although there are certainly profiteers within the prison industrial complex, prisons operate at a loss. Therefore, in part 1 of this series, we explore what does not drive mass incarceration. In part two we will explore what actually drives mass incarceration. In part three we will interview, Orisanmi Burton, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and author of the book Tip of the Spear: Black Radicalism, Prison Repression, and the Long Attica Revolt. Monologue- 00:09:40 Prison For Profit Myths - 00:14:12 Private Prisons - 00:37:24 Prison Labor - 00:45:35 Prison Fees - 00:57:24 Cost of Prison & Slavery - 01:02:54 Closing Thoughts - 01:22:57 Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2023 Captive Labor: Stories of Involuntary Servitude Are private prisons driving mass incarceration? "Prisons Make Us Safer": And 20 Other Myths about Mass Incarceration Book by Victoria Law The Unlucky 13th: Liberalizing the Extreme ____________________________________ WEBSITE: PATREON: SUPPORT: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: X: DISCORD: