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Riot Starter Exclusive: NBA Legend Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Riot Starter Exclusive: NBA Legend Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Before Kaepernick there was Mahmoud... NBA Legend #MahmoudAbdulRauf joins Kalonji Changa on #riotstartertv to discuss how the Deen of Islam keeps him grounded while navigating present social and political climate and having Tourette's syndrome. He'll also be sharing his support for Imam Jamil Al Amin Movement and the Organizers of West End Atlanta community *Special thanks to the Power Haus Creative for assisting in making this interview possible ____ Abdul-Rauf first came to public attention as a Louisiana State University freshman sensation then named Chris Jackson. At 6'1 and 165 pounds, he averaged 30 points per game with a hair-trigger jumper and acrobatic layups. Despite having Tourette’s syndrome, he went pro after his sophomore year, was picked third in 1990 by Denver Nuggets, and reverted to Islam. By the 1995-96 campaign, Abdul-Rauf was doing unguardable Stephen Curry things, such as giving Utah 51 points and dropping 32 on Michael Jordan when dealing the Chicago Bulls a rare loss in their 72-win season. That season also is when Abdul-Rauf’s conscience told him not to stand for the anthem. For over a year, no one noticed as he stretched or stayed inside the locker room instead. When a reporter finally asked about it, the issue exploded. Abdul-Rauf said he viewed the American flag as a symbol of oppression and racism and standing for the anthem would conflict with his Muslim faith because you can’t be for God and also for oppression. #MahmoudAbdulRauf #PowerHausCreative