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Career Opportunity

Black Power Media, LLC

Job Title: Senior Director of Operations
Salary: $10k for 6 months (possibly $20k per year)

Expected Hours: 15-30 per week

Position Overview

Black Power Media, LLC (BPM) is now hiring a Senior Director of Operations (SDO) to organize, manage, and grow the platform.
BPM is currently a leader in the production of media about and for the development of Black radical political organization and is itself a media collective consisting of nearly 20 shows. The SDO would report only to the Board of Owners (LLC) and
would be responsible for clarifying and implementing the platform’s vision and mission. The SDO would be responsible for
overall management, organization, and growth of the platform.

The SDO will organize BPM output, including but not limited to, channel content, social media, and website. This position requires some background with contemporary industry-standard multimedia editing platforms (Adobe suite preferred), website
development, and social media expertise. The successful candidate will be comfortable discussing and working in an
environment that involves Black politics, activism, radical theory, culture, media and electoral politics. This work requires someone who is self-motivated and can ensure task are completed in a timely fashion.

Applicants should be sure to include a description of their leadership experience, understanding and/or vision of BPM, their
own vision for the future of the platform, and ideas for carrying out that vision.

Those interested in applying should submit a current CV and Cover Letter (not to exceed 3 pages) to Cover Letters should describe applicant qualifications, current assessment of BPM, and a
summary of both their goals for the platform and how they intend to achieve said goals. Applicants selected from this initial round ill be invited to interviews with ownership and will at that time be asked to provide 3 references to be contacted by ownership.



  1. A background in community organizing and or Black “radical politics is a must. Ability to work with others and have discussions (not arguments) on politics, structural racism, imperialism, etc.

  2. Demonstrated attention to detail and ability to successfully juggle multiple responsibilities.

  3. Strong communication skills, oral and written.

  4. Experience with the manipulation of digital platforms and podcast. That includes but is not limited to editing, socialmedia posting, website and hosting platform changes 

  5. Ability to create and maintain a schedule that will ensure task are completed in a timely fashion


This position is a part-time position ranging in 20 to 30 hours a of work a week. Payment over a six month period shall be $10,000. This contract will not only cover the pay and time period but also the non-disclosure of BPM-related Intellectual Property (IP), and internal discussions. This is a non-payroll position; the hire will be responsible for all their own taxes. Any expenses not agreed upon prior will be the responsibility of the person filling the position. The position may grow into more hours as revenue generation increases.

To Apply:
Applications should include a cover letter and resume and list of at least three professional references to . NOTE: To facilitate our review, applicant emails should include the subject line: “[Your last name
– Senior Director of Operations] .” We will review applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

This job announcement provides a general but not comprehensive list of the essential responsibilities and
qualifications required. It does not represent a contract of employment. Black Power Media, LLC reserves the right to
change the description and/or posting without advance notice.

Black Power Media, LLC is an equal opportunity / fair chance employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture.
We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or record of arrest or
conviction. We encourage applicants with disabilities who may need accommodations in the application process to contact:

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